"Dr Ali has given us in The Tao of Dating the gift of the goddesses, reminding us that we women are the ones who hold the keys to our fulfilllment...that if we claim our feminine power of simply being who we are, we cannot but find the happiness we want in our relationships with men." --Agapi Stassinopoulos, author of Gods And Goddesses in Love

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Income inequality in America as a function of height

Saw this brilliant snippet in the ‘The Rise and Rise of the Cognitive Elite’ in the 22 Jan 2010 issue of The Economist which vividly illustrates income inequality in America:
“Jan Pen, a Dutch economist who died last year, came up with a striking way to picture inequality. Imagine people’s height being proportional to their income, [...]

How to park for free anywhere: a metaphor for success

People often ask me about what I’m really good at. And I don’t blame them – when you’re this talented, it’s hard to cite just one thing. Mastery of French and Szechuan cuisine, speaking 37 languages, raising award-winning yaks, creating bunnies out of molten glass with my bare hands, climbing every major peak on Earth [...]

‘The How of Happiness’: Interview with Prof Sonja Lyubomirsky

There have been a number a number of excellent books on happiness published in the past few years, and I have been consuming them avidly. Not only do I use their principles to help my students and hypnotherapy clients lead happier lives, but I also enjoy applying the principles to my own life. [...]

What it really means when you criticize others

The other day I heard a friend say, “Y’know, so-and-so is really judgmental, don’t you think?” I couldn’t help but smile a little bit, since she was completely oblivious to the fact that, at that moment, she was engaging in the very same behavior she found reprehensible in another person — namely, being judgmental.
You [...]

Dave Barry ad-libs on his new book “I’ll Mature When I’m Dead”

Dave Barry, the author of such immortal classics as Dave Barry Does Japan, Big Trouble, Dave Barry’s Guide to Guys and Boogers Are My Beat, demonstrates novel and exciting uses for his new book I’ll Mature When I’m Dead: Dave Barry’s Amazing Tales of Adulthood, rendering his interviewer pretty helpless with laughter in the process. [...]

Video: Dan Siegel on Mindfulness and Feeling Good

Even though I’ve experienced and performed many such demonstrations myself, this one’s pretty dramatic in its impact and simplicity, so be sure to watch the first two minutes at the very least. Towards the end, he gives a practical mindfulness technique you can use at any time.

Why do smart people make dumb decisions?

Meet my friend Bart. As a surgeon, every day at work he’s entrusted with the lives of others, and he handles the job well. He’s a genuinely gifted fellow. He’s also fit, healthy, and well-rounded.
In other words, Bart has made a lot of great decisions in his life, and continues to do [...]

Achieving Lasting Behavioral Change

If you were one of the attendees of the talk at RW in Santa Monica — welcome! Here are some of the resources I referred to in the talk:

stickK.com — website for self-accountability
Richard Davidson’s Google Tech Talk: Transform Your Mind, Change Your Brain
Resolutions Tracker Spreadsheet

If you have further questions, leave a comment [...]

Interview with Gretchen Rubin at Vroman’s Bookstore

Here’s an interview I did last week with Gretchen Rubin, fellow HuffingtonPost.com contributor and all-around star (Yale Law grad, clerkship with Sandra Day O’Connor, supermom, etc). I caught up with her at a reading she did at Vroman’s Bookstore in Pasadena, Southern California’s oldest and largest independent bookstore. My first time there — [...]

‘Happiness Project’ by Gretchen Rubin Video Review

If Aristotle was correct in calling happiness the summum bonum of life — the chief good, the ultimate thing we all strive for in all our strivings — then The Happiness Project is a sure-fire recipe for having more of it.
A fun, funny and wise book written by Gretchen Rubin, a regular HuffingtonPost.com [...]

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